Laura Pastor
  • 5th Generation Arizonan
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Raised in District 4
  • Worked for Gov. Janet Napolitano
  • Helps Young People Get to College
  • Community Service Volunteer

Putting Phoenix First

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I grew up in a household of schoolteachers, so I know the importance of education. My mother was the first in her family to attend college and, today I work with families who are working hard to help their own children become the first family members to go to college.

The latest figures, though, show that only 37 percent of Phoenix-area adults 25 or older have an associate's degree or higher. That ranks 18th of the nation's 20 largest metro areas. Further, fewer than 30 percent have a bachelor's degree or higher.

We have to do better. And we can.

If we are to be successful in the 21st century, we need a better-educated workforce. Experts say that, within ten years, nearly two-thirds of all jobs will require some type of postsecondary degree or certificate.

As District 4 Council member, I will be a leader for fostering partnerships and collaboration between the City and institutions of higher education. As a Councilman, Mayor Stanton laid the groundwork for the downtown ASU campus, the U of A medical school and the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. His work is a reminder of how effective a dedicated councilmember can be. Beginning next year, I intend to fill that role on the council.

I will

Laura was raised in District 4 and lives just a few doors down from her childhood home. She has dedicated her life to public service as a teacher, and a volunteer for Phoenix communities. She has the experience to make real progress in public safety, education, and economic development in Phoenix.
Grocery stores. Hospitals. Libraries. Every neighborhood needs these types of services and we need to make sure we are filling the voids that are now vacant lots and underutilized strip centers. Neighborhood economic development is the key to keeping our city vibrant and dynamic, and levering our unique assets will be key to building a strong and sustainable economy.

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Laura Pastor's nine-point plan


strengthening and revitalizing Phoenix's neighborhoods

  • "District 4 has been my home for as long as I can remember. Preserving our historic treasures, keeping our families safe, and focusing on smart, sustainable growth are essential for protecting our community. It's high time civic pride was a priority in our community."
  • 1. Fight for the vital city services that sit at the core of vibrant and safe neighborhoods - pools, libraries, parks and senior centers - and look for creative and innovative ways to restore and improve these services.
  • 2. Fill the hundreds of vacancies on our police force so officers can focus on keeping our local schools and communities safe, reducing burglaries, graffiti and loitering.
  • 3. Support our creative sectors to provide arts and cultural amenities for residents and visitors alike. The arts sector are an important partner in providing valuable activities for children and families, and I will work hand in hand with them to enhance and increase these kinds of amenities in Phoenix.
  • 4. Use every tool at the City's disposal to clean-up vacant and foreclosed properties that are magnets for crime and blight, including restoring code enforcement inspectors and ensuring Graffiti Busters is a robust and responsive program.
  • 5. Support our small and local businesses by making it easier to renovate and re-use vacant commercial buildings, empty lots and underutilized strip centers. Empty spaces are a magnet for blight and crime. Developing them will make our neighborhoods safer as well as introducing new homes, businesses and things to do.
  • 6. Push to expand the designation of historic neighborhoods and buildings, with particular focus on the "Mid-Century Marvels" that were part of the post-WWII era when so much of central Phoenix was developed.
  • 7. Put Phoenix on the map as a bike-friendly city by increasing and improving our bike lanes, creating a connected and safe system for cyclists.
  • 8. Make shade a priority in new developments so that our city is a pedestrian-friendly place where residents can get to shops and workplaces without having to get in the car.
  • 9. Work with the Mayor's Office and the private sector to find effective solutions to homelessness in our city, providing the services to people who need them and finding solutions that will put an end to chronic homelessness in Phoenix.
What's important to Ed
Tax dollars being taken out of Maryvale and blue collar neighborhoods
Missing sidewalks, streetlight, sewers, police, etc.
Seeing more tax dollars spent locally


"I've called District 4 home for most of my life; it's a home that I know and love. That's why I'm running for City Council and that's why I'm so passionate about keeping our city and neighborhoods safe.

Public safety is my top priority. It is so essential to every other facet of our lives-keeping our economy strong, providing our children with a good education, and ensuring that Phoenix remains a world-class city.

Unfortunately, City Hall has failed District 4 and every resident of Phoenix. The City hasn't hired a new police officer in four years, we are nearly 300 officers short of a full force, and most police officers feel as though they don't have the tools they need to get the job done. This is simply unacceptable."

On the City Council, Laura will fight to keep our neighborhoods safe and be an advocate for the men and women who selflessly protect our families. This includes:

  1. Fully staffing our police and fire departments to pre-recession levels
  2. Decreasing response times so our first responders can be there when we need them
  3. Restoring vital funding to domestic violence shelters and anti-drowning campaigns
  4. Reducing graffiti and other property crimes to clean up neighborhoods and maintain property values
  5. Providing our first responders with the most up-to-date training and equipment

"I'm proud of and inspired by the work of Phoenix's police and fire departments, but I recognize that we can always do more. Join me and our campaign to put our safety, our families, and our Phoenix first."

"What’s important to me is getting someone in the city council that will actually work to improve the city by doing what they say they will do. I also think it is important to have someone sustainability minded in the city council so that environmental and social problems are addressed.

I support Laura because she is a “get it done” woman. "

- Marcela M.


Transportation Advisory Board Attendance

What's important to Ricardo & Miguel
Support of school board
Equality of Arizona
Equal opportunity to all voter demographics